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About #APRSThursday

#APRSThursday is a net managed by Michael KC8OWL. It is held every Thursdays with the aim of growing message activity on APRS across the world. Note: #APRSThursday is different from the APRSPH net, but Michael has been gracious enough to allow us at APRSPH to also share this information on our website. The APRSPH net manager DU2XXR also partcipates in #APRSThursday.

How to join #APRSThursday

#APRSThursday is held every Thursday from 0000Z to 2359Z. To join, send an APRS message to ANSRVR in the following format: CQ [space] HOTG [space] Your message Your message will then be sent to all callsigns currently joined to the ANSRVR group called HOTG (which stands for "hams on the gram"). You will also then receive any subsequent messages sent to the group within a 12-hour period. If you are already checked in but wish to unsubscribe to subequent messages, you can send the following to ANSRVR: U HOTG For any questions, feel free to email Michael at kc8owl@yahoo.com or message kc8owl-7 (FT5 hand held) / kc8owl-9 (FTM400 mobile)

#APRSThursday logs