Home & Net Log | Net Archive | CQ Mesg Archive | #APRSThursday APRSPH Group Chat Web Log aprsph.net/cq Usage: Send an APRS message to APRSPH inthe following format: CQ [space] your message. This does the following:
  1. Checks you into the day's net and logs your message if not yet joined;
  2. Subscribes your callsign+ssid to receive messages sent using CQ;
  3. Sends your message to all stations in the day's list. (You can also use NET [space] your message to do a "quiet" checkin that does not send to everyone but just logs you.)
The net restarts every 1600Z and you need to check in again to rejoin. Note: Commands are not case sensitive. Please try not to send CQ messages in rapid succession, as packets might be sent to RF but not properly gated to APRS-IS recipients. This list is automatically updated every time a station sends a CQ message (refresh required). Go to the homepage for more commands. Messages from November 15, 2022 onwards have been unified into the "net" log.